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To improve the patient’s experience through the training afforded their healthcare providers


Safer healthcare through unique instructional design


Home-Based:  We come to you, providing your training needs in your unique environment and on your time!


Engagement:   Learning should not be stressful. Who says that enjoyable learning should be limited to kids? Our goal is to satisfy learning objectives and change outcomes while having some fun!


Applicable and Accessible: We want to solve YOUR problems and meet YOUR needs. That is why each training encounter is unique to your organization. ALL healthcare providers should be provided training that has typically been reserved for larger academic centers. Our mission is to make that accessible to EVERYONE.


Longevity: As clinicians we have made an investment in lifelong learning as we realize how rapidly care standards and practices change. We take this same attitude when it comes to our instructional practices and we strive to create a relationship with our clients that will foster this level of professional development.


Thought Provoking: Problem solving requires the ability to analyze and evaluate a situation (often referred to as “critical thinking”). This mindset and approach is the foundation for each lesson that we create and each exercise that we perform with our learners. We want those that we teach to leave with a solid foundation that will allow them to not only solve the problem at hand, but future challenges that they may be faced with.


Holistic: Simply put, the “Total Package.” Our training solutions are designed to be comprehensive in knowledge acquisition, application of skill and the ability to quickly provide intuitive answers to complex problems.  

HEALTH eSimulation's Guiding Principles provide the foundation in which to build for YOU the ideal educational experience

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